Considering the recent typhoons and inclement weather condition that caused more wastes than usual on the coasts, the PRA management did not waste time to initiate a cleanup activity held last September 8 at the Big Island, one of the unfinished man-made islands of Three Islands Reclamation spanning the cities of Parañaque and Las Piñas.


PRA and PEA Tollways Corporation (Cavitex) officers and employees conducted a coastal clean up activity last September 8, 2017 at the Three Islands (also known as Freedom Islands) in Parañaque City.



PRA and PEA Tollways Corporation (PEATC) officers and employees did not wait for the International Coastal Cleanup Day on September 16 as they held their cleanup activity a week earlier than the global event. However, PRA and PEATC volunteers would still participate on the said international endeavor.

Over a hundred officers and employees of PRA and PEATC went hand in hand to clean and lessen the wastes that were stuck at the shore of the said reclaimed land. PEATC is PRA's subsidiary which operates Cavitex.


The activity began with a holy mass in celebration of the nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. After the mass, the participants, armed with rakes, gloves, and sacks, started to clean the shore that was almost entirely covered with garbage.

The area has been the beneficiary of countless organizations' cleanup activities but new wastes inevitably accumulate everyday. Since it is adjacent to the Las Piñas-Parañaque Critical Habitat and Eco-Tourism Area (LPPCHEA), the PRA is currently waiting for the LPPCHEA Council to finalize the Critical Habitat Management Plan.


Aside from coastal cleanups, different methodologies are being mulled to protect and enhance the area. PRA is also awaiting clearances from the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines and the Manila International Airport Authority for structures that will be built inside the reclaimed land that tend to increase the bird population or serve as "attractants" that eventually can be the cause of bird strikes as the area is under flight paths of planes coming in and from Ninoy Aquino International Airport.


PRA would also like to remind the public that all structures to be built in the said land must also be agreed to by PRA under proper legal arrangements to avoid adverse Commission on Audit findings.


PRA and PEA Tollways Corporation (Cavitex) officers and employees went hand in hand in cleaning Big Island, one of the unfinished reclaimed lands of Three Islands, Parañaque City.