Day 1 - April 24, 2017

Presentation 1


Basic Concepts of Reclamation (PDF File size: 8 mb)


Mr. Murice de Kok, Van Oord


Presentation 2


Environmental Dredging Methods and Equipments (PDF File size: 5.84 mb)


Mr. Bernard Malherbe, Jan de Nul (JdN)


Presentation 3


Solutions to Inherent Risks and Hazards in Land Reclamation  

** To follow **


Dr. Carlo Arcilla, National Institute of Geological Sciences


Presentation 4




Land Reclamation Design Principles Relevant to the "Building with Nature" Approach (PDF File size: 55 mb)



Dr. Ronald Waterman



Presentation 5




The "One Belt One Road (OBOR)" Development Agenda and the "Silk Road" Infrastructure Fund for Southeast Asian Infrastructure Projects (PDF File size: 3.82 mb) 


Mr. Ma Jian-Hua, China Harbor Engineering Company (CHEC)



Presentation 6


"Adaptive Delta Planning" (PDF File size: 5.5 mb)


Mr. Tjitte Nauta


Day 2 - April 25, 2017

Presentation 1



International Best Practices for Environmental Management of Land Reclmation (PDF File size: 4.33 mb)


Mr. Blair Spendelow, Danish Hydraulic Institue (DHI)


Presentation 2



Coastal Protection: Applicability to Vulnerable Coastlines of the Philippine Archipelago (PDF File size: 4 mb)


Mr. Wouter De Hamer, Royal Haskoning DHV


Presentation 3



Transforming Eologically Impoverished Bodies of Water through Building With Nature: The "Mark Wadden" Project (PDF File size: 6 mb)

Mr. Walter Jacobs, Boskalis



Presentation 4



CBP 1 B&C Reclamation Project Manila Bay, Philippines (PDF File size: 12 mb)


Mr. Delfin Angelo Wenceslao, R-1 Consortium / JdN

Presentation 5



Reclamation Solutions: Challenge of Rising Sea Levels and Climate Change (PDF File size: 10 mb)


Mr. Loh Chi Kang,  Surbana Jurong Private Limited


Presentation 6


Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) and Reclamation(PDF File size: 2.5 mb) 


Atty. Alberto C. Agra, Philippine Reclamation Authority Chairman

February 9, 2016

BMB Training Room, Ninoy Aquino Parks & Wildlife Center, North Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City

Convened by: Wetlands International,. Deltares, Zoological Society of London, Arcadis and Royal Haskoning DHV

Topics Discussed:

Ecosystem Restoration and Management Tools for Coastal Defense

Session 1: The National Greening Program and the Leyte Gulf Mangrove Restoration Project

Session 2: Integrating Ecosystem restoration and management into DIsaster Risk Reduction

Session 3: Ecosystem Restoration and Rehabilitation

Session 4: Community Participation in Coastal Management

Session 5: The role of Coastal Habitats in CLimate Change Resilience

A group activity was conducted after the sessions to discuss coastal environmental management and restoration vis-a-vis the following:

- integration and implementation within and across government agencies of ecosystem-based DRR practices in policies and regulations;

- abandoned fishpond reversion to mangroves;

- targets and metrics for success of mangrove resoration methods.

The groups discussed their conclusions and recommendations in coastal protection and management approaches as well as policies and guidelines after the activity.