Many of the recent developments in the Bay City are in the CBP I-A which covers an area of 200 hectares. It is entirely located in the Pasay City, contributing more than 10% to the city’s former land area of 1,900 hectares. The major land owners are ShoeMart, Inc., the Metrobank Group of Companies, and the PRA. The Shrine of Jesus is the first landmark built in the area. Built on SM property. SM Inc. has transferred to its new Corporate Headquarters consisting of six buildings in a sprawling 2-hectare land.


On 21 May 2006, an estimated 1Million residents of Metro Manila and nearby provinces attended the much awaited opening of the Mall of Asia, the largest in the country with a floor area of 386,000 square meters. At present, it is the newest and possibly the largest single attraction in the entire metropolis, with daily visitors reaching 100,000. The Mall employs more than 6,000 Pasay City residents.


In the Metropolitan Park owned by the Metrobank Group of Companies, the newest establishment is the Manila Doctor’s College, a nursing and allied medical training/educational institution. The school which could accommodate some 3,000 students was completed in March 2004 and started operations in May 2004. Other establishments in the area include the Toyota Showroom, Le Pavilion, Metrobank Branch, `Bay Garden Condominiums, Petron Gas Station and the Blue Wave complex of restaurants and eateries.





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